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In the light of the recent COVID-19 environment, we have enhanced our cleaning and sanitising practices, as well as improved  our protective health & safety work processes. The chemical we use to clean and sanitise is a commercial grade chemical approved for hospital and public amenity use with little impact on the environment. We also use purpose made protective wear for all our cleans. 

Some people call it “Green Cleaning”. It much more than using a few chemicals that have been labeled as “green.” Green Cleaning is defined as a system of cleaning that promotes healthy surroundings for children, family, pets and visitors and is also less detrimental to the environment. We use a mix of Green Cleaning and plant based cleaners to ensure we leave your home as clean and sanitised as we can. We do everything in our power to support the environment and protect your family, pets and home from unnecessary nasty chemicals.”

Today there are less toxic and very effective products available for almost all cleaning requirements. ‘Green Cleaning” products are less toxic, have lower VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), most are biodegradable, free of heavy metals and carcinogens.

Some people prefer a chemical free clean. Millions of dollars are spent each year on research and development of green products.  Unlike years ago, today’s green products are as good as or better than conventional cleaning products. The improvement in green cleaning products and supplies has made them just as effective as traditional cleaning methods. Some products, such as microfiber cloths, actually clean better than traditional dust cloths that spread more dust than they pick up. 

More and more home owners are concerned with the chemicals that are used in their homes and are looking for better alternatives. Green Cleaning is not only cost effective, but is better for a homes indoor air quality – making it a better environment for occupants and visitors.

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