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Disinfection Cleaning Services and Sanitising For Businesses and Homes

Control Home and Office Disinfection Cleaning & Sanitising Services provide powerful high-grade disinfection services that kill and prevent virus spread and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Designed to target and disinfect all areas of your home, office, and workspace. Our broad-spectrum mister disperses fine micron particles on all surfaces, leaving an antimicrobial film that attaches to floors, walls, structures, ventilation, and other surfaces. 

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COVID-19 Disinfection Cleaning

We go the extra mile to deliver a comprehensive sanitising, disinfection services that are revolutionary and unique amongst our competitors. The team are highly trained and well-equipped to provide a hospital-grade clean and sanitising service for your commercial, residential, public, or healthcare premises. 

In today’s COVID-19 war, we are fighting an enemy that is invisible, unpredictable and knows no limits or boundaries. It’s a war where our strongest defence to keeping ourselves safe and our essential services open, are the cleanliness and hygiene practices we employ. 

The Control Home and Office Disinfection Cleaning team are at the forefront of this fight and are armed with the latest practices, products, and methods to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe. The team are well equipped to provide the highest level of sanitising services for your commercial, residential, public, or healthcare premises. 

We go the extra mile to deliver a comprehensive sanitising, disinfection service that is revolutionary. 

How Clean Are Your Premises?

Peace of mind in these uncertain times with a disinfect and sanitise service from Control Home and Office Cleaning. The perfect way to help your customers and staff know you’ve done all you can to keep them safe.

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How We Clean and Sanitise Premises

We use a 4-step Disinfection Cleaning process to ensure that all surfaces, including high-traffic areas in your premises, are effectively sanitised. Our sanitising process produces a long-lasting barrier film that kills all contact microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Disinfection Cleaning & Sanitisation Services 4347During the cleaning process, cleaners wear full personal protective equipment. This includes a full-face shield mask with an air filter, protective gloves, full coveralls, and sealed shoes. This equipment protects both our cleaner and the environment from contamination. 

Control Home and Office Cleaning will perform a preliminary Adenosine Triphosphate ( ATP) bioluminescence check. This is completed prior to sanitising services , to determine the baseline cleanliness of the area and detect any organic soil contamination.

Disinfection Cleaning - cleaner servicesAn electrostatic bio-fogger is used to pump tiny microns of the approved TGA hospital-grade disinfectant into the air, killing any airborne bacteria or viruses. This disinfectant then settles on the intended surface area where it dries rapidly. Creating an invisible microscopic protective layer, the disinfectant kills 99.99% of all microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that come into contact with it.
The barrier is human, pet, and eco-friendly and provides a non-leaching, long-lasting protection for up to 30 days. In its final life, it breaks down to form a harmless organic compound.

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Disinfection Cleaning & Sanitisation Services Commercial

Hotel Disinfection Cleaning Services

Use the most effective and safe chemicals available on the market, Control Home and Office Cleaning to are able to help you find the best solutions for your hotel premises on how to sanitise and disinfect the property. Keep your business free from viral and bacterial pathogens, inside your physical premises, and with the psychological assurance and confidence you will give to your clientele.

All products used in our sanitising process are safe, human-friendly, and eco-friendly; having been tested, certified, and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). They are safe for use around food, medical equipment, children, plants, and animals and are kind to the environment. They do not contain harmful chlorines, bleaches, carcinogenic ingredients, or endocrine disruptive compounds making them safe to use on most common surfaces without damaging, staining, leaching, discolouring or corroding surfaces and are pH neutral.

Using a thorough 4-step process to disinfect the hotel rooms and common areas, our environmentally friendly product kills 99.99% of the pathogens (germs) while also forming a protective layer on the target surface. Our Disinfectant Spray has been tested against a wide variety of pathogens.

Disinfection Cleaning & Sanitisation Services Office desk

Office Disinfection Cleaning Services

Help stop the spread of germs in the office or in the workplace. Had Control Home and Office Cleaning professionally clean, sanitise and disinfect work equipment, chairs , tables, counters, door handles, etc. Besides making your workplace noticeably clean, it is important to have it sanitised and disinfected. Our service has been proven to help combat the spread of viruses such as the flu virus.

Control Home and Office Cleaning also uses strong, hospital grade disinfectants which are also safe and approved for use on food grade prep surfaces. This process will rid the workplace and factory of germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria and eliminate 99.99% of the pathogens that come into contact with our products.

Disinfection Cleaning & Sanitisation Services Sanitise

Home Disinfection Cleaning Services

The best way to stop the spread of harmful viruses is through prevention. Control Home and Office Cleaning’s powerful high-grade disinfection service is designed to target and disinfect all areas of your house, such as floors , walls, tables, TV sets, ventilation, and other furniture.

Our broad-spectrum mister disperses fine micron particles entering all areas of your house, leaving an antimicrobial film that attaches to all surfaces. Treatment is completed within a short period of time, enabling you to re-enter your home roughly one hour after treatment.

How Clean Are Your Premises?

Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning products do you use?

All products we use are environmentally friendly and proven safe for humans, pets and plants including the commercial and hospital grade disinfectant which is approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) to kill 99.999% of all bacteria, viruses, and Fungi.

Is it necessary to vacate the property while the treatment takes place?

You will need to vacate the premises during the disinfectant fogging treatment. The disinfectant will be distributed in tiny micron droplets that are electrically charged, therefore attracted to all surface areas of the premises. We ask that the premises are left for at least 30 minutes after the treatment has been done to enable minutes for the disinfectant to take affect once adhered to all surface areas. The premises should not be entered for 30 minutes following the treatment.

Do I need to prepare the property in advanced?

To get the most from your treatment it is important to have the property cleaned, tidy and any loose papers are put away. We also ask you to put any food, cutlery, and crockery away. Please also cover your fish and birds and or take them outdoors while we disinfect the premises with the disinfectant fogging.

Who carries out this treatment?

Our professionally trained cleaning technicians carry out the treatment in full personal protective clothing including a full-face respirator.